September 2012: Hiking Trip to Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

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September 2012: Hiking Trip to Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

About The Trip

In September 2012, we invited travellers on a journey through the cold mountain desert of Spiti, nestled in the high Himalayas of India, in Himachal Pradesh. We'll experience life in the highest inhabited villages in the Himalayas, be awed by fascinating Himalayan landscapes, explore centuries old Buddhist trails in the region, spot endangered mountain flora & fauna, and in the process, help conserve the delicate ecology of the valley.

The trip started in Manali, and takes you up & over the majestic Rohtang and Kunzum passes, and through the enchanting valley of the Spiti river. We took in the sights on the left bank plateau as we acclimatized to the altitude, did a safari to the highest villages in the world encased in local legends and folklore, experienced Spitian culture through traditional homestays and folk performances, rode a yak in the high Himalayas, hiked through Snow Leopard & Himalayan Wolf habitats, discovered fascinating remnants of the Himalayan heritage, mountain biked in some of the most stunning & rugged back country trails, took an in-depth insight into a well -preserved Buddhist heritage dating back to over 1000 years, savoured local Spitian cuisine, and discovered the magic of what we like to call "the Spiti experience".

The revenues generated from the trip are being used to:

  • Sustain the development initiatives of Spiti Ecosphere in the region
  • Support the livelihoods of homestay owners & trained tourism services providers (yak owners, etc) in the highest villages of the region.
  • Offset the carbon footprint generated by the trip through investment in renewable energy initiatives in the region by Spiti Ecosphere.
  • Further the cause of socially responsible travel by India Untravelled

Pictures From The Trip:

September 2012: Hiking Trip to Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

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Trip Reviews:

 “I absolutely loved the Spiti trip! I had wonderful experiences meeting new people, exploring quaint villages and discovering the wonders of this beautiful country. I really enjoyed the homestays and eating local Spiti food. I also liked the fact that it was a small group, if it had been much larger we would have had a harder time moving about and fitting in the jeep.“
~Ms Sami Steer, exchange student in Hyderabad, and travelled solo.

“The trip to Spiti was fabulous, I enjoyed every bit of it. It had perfect amount of trekking for a beginner. Ishita and Tenzing from Ecosphere were very attentive towards our needs and made us feel very welcomed. I would love to go on any future trips you might have in other areas of Himalayas.“
~Mr Hitesh Singhal, lives in Delhi, and travelled solo.