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Our fixed trips to Spiti and Ladakh this season:

Trips to Spiti

  • Kinnaur & Spiti Safari

    Kinnaur and Spiti Safari

    20-28 May & 23 Sept - 1 Oct (8 nights)
    INR 27,900 per person excluding taxes
    17-26 June ( Photography Tour)
    INR 30,500 per person excluding taxes

    The Kinnaur and Spiti Safari starts in Shimla and takes you through the stunning and picturesque valleys of the Sutlej, Baspa, Spiti and Pin rivers, and up and over the majestic Rohtang and Kunzum passes. You travel into the spectacular valley of the Sutlej River in Kinnaur, the mighty Kinner Kailash keeps you company in Kalpa, and the enchanting Baspa valley is the perfect place to rejuvenate. While in Spiti, you journey through some of the worlds highest villages, visit ancient monasteries (including a monastery over 1000 years old), experience the Spitian way of life through traditional homestays, and get an insight into Spiti’s history, culture & folklore. This trip packs in as much of Spiti and Kinnaur as possible, without compromising your comfort levels.

  • Spiti Kaleidoscope

    Spiti Kaleidoscope

    16-23 July | 13-20 Aug & 3-10 Sept (7 nights including chandrataal)
    INR 23,300 per person excluding taxes
    Cultural Trail - 25 June - 2 July
    INR 23500 per person excluding taxes

    This adventure takes you up and over the majestic Rohtang and Kunzum passes, and through the graphic valleys of the Chandra, Spiti and Pin rivers. We’ll take in the sights on the left bank plateau as we acclimatize to the altitude, safari to the highest villages in the world, experience Spitian culture through traditional homestays and folk performances, ride a yak in the high Himalayas, hike through Snow Leopard & Himalayan Wolf habitats, discover fascinating remnants of the Himalayan heritage, mountain bike in some of the most stunning & rugged back country trails, get a glimpse into a well – preserved Buddhist heritage dating back to over 1000 years, savour local Spitian cuisine, get an insight into on-going development & conservation projects, and discover the magic of what we like to call “the Spiti experience”.

  • Astro Photography Tour

    Astro Photography Tour

    20-26 Aug & 10-16 Sep
    INR 31,000 per person excluding taxes

    This is a trip with a special focus both for you and for us. For you the focus may start with learning Photography but can venture as far as your creative imagination lets you take it – there is no limit – not even the stars !

    For us the focus is Girls Education and how we can provide an opportunity for every girl in Spiti to finish schooling and study further – to follow their dreams and remove all limitations that may prevent this.

Trips to Ladakh


  • The Copper Trail: Reviving the ancient art of Ladakh

    The Copper Trail: Reviving the ancient art of Ladakh

    30th July – 05 Aug 2017 (7N/8D)
    Trek: Medium (18-20 Km)
    Cost: INR 36,200 per person (inclusive of all taxes)

    Meet the copper artisans at the 4 beautiful villages of Ladakh. Hike through the mountains of Zanskar to village Sumda Chenmo and indulge in handcrafting of ancient Copper artifacts. Experience Ladakhi hospitality at our homestays amidst the beautiful apple orchids of Tsogsty. Feel the joy of playing the traditional Ladakhi Archery at Sumda-Do and hear the amazing stories of these artisans making an effort to conserve this endangered heritage.

  • Celebrate the Hemis festival: Renovate a heritage house at a Buddhist village

    Celebrate the Hemis festival: Renovate a heritage house at a Buddhist village

    01st – 08th July 2017 (7N/8D)
    Trek: Easy (8-10 Kms)
    Costs: INR 36,000 per person (inclusive of all Taxes)

    Join the celebration for the Hemis festival and explore Buddhism as we visit 5 prominent monasteries of Ladakh. Hike through the mountains of the Ladakh range to reach village Urbis. Experience Ladakhi hospitality at our homestays in Urbis and this Hemis festival let’s gift a better home to a family at Urbis. Indulge in the fun filled activity of painting and renovating an ancestral village home. Witness an archeological wonder, the mysterious stone art near village Urbis.

  • Celebrate Sustainability: Help a marginalized Nomadic family

    Celebrate Sustainability: Help a marginalized Nomadic family

    12th – 19th August 2017 (7N/8D)
    Trek: None (0Km)
    Costs: INR 37,500 per person (inclusive of all Taxes)

    Meet the Chang-pa nomads of Ladakh. Drive through stunning landscapes alongside Indus river to reach our green village Mahé. Experience the unique food, culture and folklore of this remote village in Changthang plateau. Learn the stories of the silk route and indulge in the fun filled activity of painting and renovating a village home. See the carpet weaving skills of Pashmina by local women. Also, visit the beautiful lakes and grasslands around Mahé where these nomads migrate with their sheep and yaks. Experience the rich avian biodiversity at lake Tso-Moriri.

  • Let there be light: Solar electrification at village Yurutse

    Let there be light: Solar electrification at village Yurutse

    19 – 26th August 2017 (7N/8D)
    Trek: Easy (10 - 12Km)
    Costs: INR 42,500 per person (inclusive of all Taxes)

    Hike through the Hemis National Park of Ladakh. Indulge in a life enriching experience to end eons of darkness for a remote Himalayan village through installation of a solar micro-grid. Experience the interesting folklore and stay of this village which have just a single yet majestic house. Witness the breathtaking beauty and rich wildlife diversity of this protected area. Also, experience Ladakhi hospitality at our green village Mugleb (at 13,500 feet) where we installed a solar grid in Dec 2016.


    See testimonials, stories, feedback and pictures from our travellers to Spiti over the past two years:


    "I had a wonderful time at Ladakh.
    I cannot imagine a more beautiful place than Urbis. The trek was through valley of flowers and the homestay there was with such a lovely, warm hearted family. They took good care of every little detail and treated me like family :) Hospitality at it's best!
    Travel to Pangong Tso was an experience not describable in words. The homestay was right next to the lake which was good.
    Last but not the least, enjoyed local food experience. I am definitely going there again. Thanks a lot for helping me plan this much needed break."

    ~ Preeti Jain, travelled to Ladakh in July 2017

    "It was a wonderful trip. Made lot of new friends. Guide and driver was excellent. Home stay was good too. Speechless about the beauty of the place.I can't think of anything that can improve except some more orientation on compost toilet would help. Or may be alternate toilet arrangements.
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful trip. "

    ~ Chandrashila, travelled solo on our Kinnaur and Spiti Safari in August 2016

    "The holiday in Spiti was one of the best, as it was firstly offbeat and it also gave me a good insight on the lives of the locals. Responsible travel and carbon neutrality is what attracted me to this kind of a holiday. The arrangements were very well done and our guides and drivers ensured we were taken care of. It was great to meet Ishita at Kaza and understand the good work she and her team are doing in Spiti. Loved the hospitality and warmth of our hosts at our homestays / guest houses and the people of Spiti overall. My favourite memories are Tabo, Komic and Langza. We should have a homestay at Langza instead of Demul. Langza's beauty was just too much for words. Would like to travel like this to other places as well in the future :)
    Thanks for all the arrangements and coordination. "

    ~ Malita Crasto, travelled on Kinnaur and Spiti Safari trip in June 2015.

    "I’m still relishing the memories of Spiti and the wonderful people I met on this trip. The Kinnaur & Spiti jeep safari had been the best of the journeys I have undertaken till yet. I never expected the trip, especially the hotels & homestays to be as good as they were. The rooms in all the hotels were very neat and clean, especially bathrooms, and all of them had amazing views. The best was in Kalpa and Dhankar. The homestays in Demul & Komic too were beautiful. It was wonderful to put up with the locals of some of the remotest villages in Asia and experience their routine life. Chhering (our guide ) was par excellence. He was genuinely concerned about everyone on the trip and looked after each one of us personally. Everyone enjoyed his company and all the stories he told us about Spiti and its people. Driving in this part of Asia is one of the toughest things to do but Gatuk (our driver) was simply superb at it. A highly recommended journey for anyone who wants to try something different."

    ~ Piyush Patni

    "I absolutely loved the Spiti trip! I had wonderful experiences meeting new people, exploring quaint villages and discovering the wonders of this beautiful country. I really enjoyed the homestays and eating local Spiti food. I also liked the fact that it was a small group, if it had been much larger we would have had a harder time moving about and fitting in the jeep."

    ~Sami Steer

    "Spiti is truly amazing, interacting with the people out there, made me realize that it is so easy for one to be happy! I would like to congratulate India Untravelled, for getting together such a wonderful mix of people. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with each one of them, their curiosity about the world, was something that I shall take away with me. :) Our guide Tsering was also wonderful, his knowledge about the Buddhist monasteries was extremely helpful!"

    ~Adhitya Prakash

    "I had never heard of "Spiti" till I came across a beautiful snap on your website and from that moment on, I had decided that I am going there! The location was amazing -- what blew me off is the onward and return journey (esp the return journey) -- it was so funny, I was sleepy but was keeping my eyes open so that I dont miss on a single amazing view! I especially loved the Kunzum pass :) The homestays were both really nice! It was the first of a kind experience for me and was a good experience -- we even learnt how to make Momos. The Post office experience was lovely! The thrill of posting from the highest post office, the lovely stamps, the hospitable postman – they even served us tea. The post cards haven’t reached though. Not yet. Overall -- I must say a lovely trip. The hotels selected, the locations, the guide. Looking forward to travelling with India Untravelled again :)"

    ~Mansee Shah

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